eFeats.com is the home to a library of in-progress and completed illustrated novels, ebooks, graphic novels and more. The site is designed to provide authors and artists with a means to effectively collaborate with a community in order to tell innovative and original stories. Those stories are then available to everyone.

The site is split between active projects and a library. Active projects allow supporters to interact with a story as it's being put together. The library houses stories that have been completed. Many projects begin as a crowdfunding campaign that the site supports and promotes, which allows the creators to collect compensation for their efforts. All completed stories on the site are available to view and download for free at any time.

For Writers, Editors and Artists

This site has been created to enable authors and artists to collaborate in an effective way with members of a community that want to help make stories as effective and creative as possible. That community supports a given project through crowdfunding campaigns as well as specific feedback around how a story is constructed.

Creators can use the site to connect with one another and build their network for support with future projects. It's designed to give creators a single platform that will allow them to effectively work with others to ensure their project is readily available to anyone who might want to see it. Any member of the community has the ability to put together their own story for ready-made support and feedback.

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For Readers, Fans and Participants

Anyone can be part of an active story that appears on this site by supporting it. Creators of active projects are always looking for feedback and comments around what they've put together, and our commenting system gives supporters the ability to provide key insights to those creators. The feedback provided will not result in any name recognition on the project itself, but provides an essential way for community members to interact with one another and share ideas to create new opportunities for everyone involved.

All of the completed stories that appear on this site are available to view and download at any time. More than anything else, this site is designed to create a platform where creators can effectively work with others to improve their stories for the benefit of everyone.