New Completed Project: The Great Amercian eFeat

In the vain of Jack Kerouac or John Steinbeck, this is a story about a journey across America in the physical sense but more important is the psychological journey that allows the author to discover things about himself. Along the way he meets new and old family and friends but the essential journey here isn't the one that takes him to all 48 continental states but the journey to find something with meaning and purpose in his life.

This journey takes the author to the California Redwoods, the North Dakota Badlands, the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the mountains of Vermont, the shore in North Carolina, the vast desert of Texas just to name a few. Not to mention he encounters relatives he has never met and friends he hasn't seen in many years. All of it comes together in this story to show the audience what it means to go looking for meaning and purpose and deal with the repercussions that such a search entails.


The Arks of Empyrean: Unity War

What starts off as a struggle to exert individual and national identities explodes into a struggle for survival between two very different coalitions. People on both sides must work to resolve issues with fate, faith, duty and family amidst a war that could define the present and future of an entire world.

The uneasy peace between Uxor and Apith is thrown into question when a vicious attack on Karnak has both coalitions vying to take control of the small but important island. As a new conflict between the islands that reside in the clouds emerges, individuals on every side of the fight must confront what it means for them to accept or reject their roles.